2-5 2-6 quiz

Question Answer
What are chunks of ice and dust whose orbits are usually long, narrow ellipses? comets
objects that are too small and numerous to be considered planets asteroids
area between Mars and Jupiter where most asteroids can be found Asteroid belt
chunk of rock or dust that come from comets or asteroids meteroids
happen several times a year, are seen as streaks of light across the sky when a meteroid burns up in the atmosphere meteors
Meteroids that pass through the atmosphere and hit Earth's surface meoterite
What are Goldilocks conditions? 1. liquid water 2. suitable (just right) temperature range 3. atmosphere
Life other than that on Earth… extraterrestrial life
a moving mass of icy cosmic debris from which comets are thought to originate oort cloud
Three parts of a comet 1. core/nucleus 2. tail 3. coma
Two types of meteors 1. meteor shower 2. sporadic
What is a meteor shower? displays of hundreds of meteors seen at night during certain times of the year
What is a sporadic meteor? a meteor that can appear at any time (day, night, or year)
Name the 4 characteristics of living things 1. one or more cells 2. take in energy 3. reproduce 4. produce and give off waste