Adaptations Vocabulary

Term Definition
Short-term Environmental Change Occurs as a result of a catastrophic event or other environmental change
Natural Selection The process where organisms with the best suited traits survive and reproduce and pass their successful traits to their offspring
Adaptation a physical structure, behavior, or skill that provides an organism a better chance at surviving and reproducing
Selective Breeding process of breeding plants and animals for particular genetic traits
Long Term Environmental Change Occurs as a result of a change that happens over centuries or millions of years
Behavioral Adaptations behaviors which allow organism to survive and reproduce
Sexual reproduction requires two parents genetic material to reproduce
Asexual reproduction requires one parent and can reproduce a lot of offspring in a short amount of time
Structural Adaptation physical features of an organism that allow them to survive in an area successfully
Mimicry Imitating other objects around it
Courtship the period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship