Brittany Chamberlain

Question Answer
endocrine gland produces and releases their chemical products directly into the boloodstream
negative feedback a process in which a system is turned off by the condition it produces
pancres a triangular organ that produces enzymes that flow into the small intestine
hormone the chemical product of an endocrine gland that speeds up or slows down the activities or an organ or tissue
thyroid gland controls the release of energy from food molecules during repiration in body cells
ovaries an organ of the female reproductive system in which eggs and estrogen are produced
target cell a cell in the body that recognizes a hormone's chemical structure; a cell to which a hormone binds chemically
parathyroid glands tiny glands that release a hormone that regulates the amount of calcium in the blood
testes organ of the male reproductive system in which sperm and testosterone are produced
hypothalamus a tiny part of the brain that links the nervous system and the endocrine system; controls pituitary gland
adrenal glands one adrenal hormone, adrenaline, triggers the body to respond to emergency situations; other hormones affect the balnace of salt and water in the kidneys, and help control the amount of sugar in the blood
pituitary gland regulates body processes including growth, blood pressure, and water balance; also helps control the activities of other endocrine glands
thymus helps the immune system fight infection