Term Definition
Ecosystems a collection of different communities.
Communities a group of different populations.
Populations all members of one kind that live in a particular area.
Organisms a single form of life.
Micro-organisms very small one-celled living things.
Abiotic Factors non-living things in an ecosystem.
Biotic Factors living things in an ecosystem.
Terrestrial forest and grassland ecosystems.
Aquatic fresh and saltwater ecosystems.
Food Chain shows how organisms get their food.
Producers can make their own food thanks to the Sun (plants).
Consumers can't make their own food so they have to kill to eat (animals).
Decomposers they feed on decaying matter.
Herbivores animals that ONLY eat plants.
Carnivores animals that ONLY eat meat.
Omnivores animals that eat BOTH meat and plants.