Environmental Ch. 10 test

Question Answer
Define Biodiversity The number of individuals and variety of living organisms
We have discovered only about 2 million of the _______ million thought to exist on the Earth 10
By 2100, ______% of these might become extinct 25
Three levels of biodiversity Species diversity, Ecosystem diversity, genetic diversity
refers to all the differences between populations of species species diversity
refers to the variety of habitats ecosystem diversity
refers to all the different genes contained within a population-the gene pool genetic diversity
a species critical to the functioning of an ecosystem keystone species
How is the sea otter a keystone species? the sea otter is the only predator of the sea urchin that eats kelp-if the sea otter is removed the sea urchin can eat the kelp and destroy the kelp forest ecosystem
four reasons why humans should care about the loss of biodiversity all species are interconnected, medical uses, ethics, recreation
compare mass extinction of the past to those of today past- mass extinction caused by climate change
today- mass extinction caused by humans
means that a species has a declining populations threatened
means that the species will probably become extinct unless measures are taken endangered
means that the numbers are so low that is only a matter of time before the organism becomes extinct living dead
means the species is gone forever extinct
What number is Alabama in the rank of number of endangered species 3
current status of gopher tortoise and why threatened by habitat destruction
current status of beach mouse endangered by habitat destruction
current status of Alabama Sturgeon living dead by overfishing
current status of Carolina Parakeet extinct by habitat destruction
four ways that humans cause extinctions habitat destruction; invasive exotic species; over harvesting, hunting and poaching; pollution
What is the main cause of mass extinctions? habitat destruction
What percent of animals are endangered for this reason? 75%
What is the difference between hunting and poaching? hunting is legal, poaching is illegal
a species native to the area endemic
a species not native to the area exotic
How did kudzu get to the US? Japan brought into international festival
How did fire ants get to the US? ballast soil from South America into the port of Mobile
Why is the Florida Panther endangered? habitat destruction
an insecticide that drastically endangered the Bald Eagle DDT
Why did the Dodo bird go extinct? over hunting
the most threatened areas of high species diversity hot spots
Four general areas that are hotspots tropical rainforest, coral reefs, islands, coastal areas
three ways that we can save one species at a time Captive Breeding Programs; Preserved Genetic Material; zoos, aquariums, and gardens
Why was the Condor endangered? habitat destruction, lead poisoning, and poaching
What is germ plasm? any form of genetic material
What does IUNC stand for? International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
What is CITES? a program designed to protect endangered species through control of international trade
What animal did CITES first save? elephant
What treaty did the Earth Summit create? Biodiversity Treaty
What does the Biodiversity Treaty say? preserve biodiversity and ensure the sustainability and fair use of genetic resources in all countries
Who was Dian Fossey? American zoologist who studied African Silverback Gorillas and played a key role in the protection of the species
Four ways that we can saves species from extinction save one species at a time; preserving habitats and ecosystems; legal protection; international cooperation
Instead of saving one species at a time, we should try to save ______. the habitat
four provisions of the Endangered Species Act 1.Compile list of endangered species 2.protect endangered species from being caught, killed, sold or traded 3.protection from the federal government by not allowing any project that might jeopardize species 4.must prepare a recovery plan for each species
Why might trying to save an animal lead to controversy? sometimes an endangered species is a source of food or income
a species that indicates the health of the ecosystem indicator species
example of an indicator species frog
bringing a non-native species in an ecosystem to control a pest population biological pest control