Flashcards for Miss Divito’s 7th grade end of year review

Term Definition
Transpiration The process of water evaporating from the leaves of plants during photosynthesis.
Water Cycle The repeating processes that move water in different forms between Earth's surface and the atmosphere.
Water vapor Water in the atmosphere that is in the form of gas.
Weather The conditions of the Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place.
Weather patterns Weather that repeats itself in a predictable way.
Alto A word to prefix meaning of mid altitude.
Cirro A word to prefix meaning of high altitude.
Cirrus A type of cloud that is formed from ice crystals at high altitudes.
Cumulo A word to prefix meaning "heaped".
Cumulus A type of cloud that is puffy or heaped in appearance,has distinct edges.
Nimbo A word to prefix meaning rain.
Nimbus A word suffix meaning rain-ex.cumulonimbus.
Stratus A type of cloud forms in horizontal layers and blankets the sky.
Temperature Average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance.
Condensation The process of a gas changing into a liquid.
Dew piont The temperature at which water vapor will start to condense out of the air as liquid water.
Evaporation the process of a liquid changing into a gas.
Ground water Water beneath the earth's surface.
Humidity The amount of water vapor in the air.
Meteorologist A scientist who studies the atmosphere,weather and climate.
Pattern Something that repeats itself in a predictable way.
Porous Full of holes or small spaces which allow the entry of water and air.
Precipitation Any type of liquid or solid water that falls to the earth's surface.
Runoff Liquid precipitation that is not absorbed into the ground.
Air Mass An air mass is a huge body of air that forms over a region characterizing it with a similar temperature, humidity and pressure at any given height.
Cold Front The leading edge of a cooler air mass,replacing or overtaking a warmer air mass