integrated science final exam study guide 2014

Question Answer
science is different from other subjects because it relies on testing what? explanations
the work of a scientist usually begins with what? observations
information gathered during observations or experiments is known as what? data
a scientific what can be tested by experiments or observations? hypothesis
a theory may be _______ or replaced revised
theories unify a broad range of observations and __________ hypotheses
what is a bias? a personal preference; point of view
what are the characteristics of all living things? use energy, develop and grow over time, maintain themselves, reproduce and evolve
what are the 3 particles that make up an atom? protons, electrons, neutrons
what is found in the space surrounding the nucleus of an atom? electrons
___________ particles are particles that are smaller than an atom subatomic
an atom's mass number is a combination on the number of __________ and ___________ the atom has protons, electrons
an atom's ________ _________ is the same as the number of protons the atom has atomic number
a __________ is a substance made by combining 2 or more elements compound
how many atoms of hydrogen and oxygen are in 1 molecule of water? 2 hydrogen. 1 oxygen
a _______ is a mixture in which the substances are evenly spread out solution
when salt is dissolved into water, water is the ________ and salt is the __________ solvent; solute
3 phases of matter solid, liquid, gas
liquid substance that has a definite volume, but not a definite shape
solid substance that has a definite volume and definite shape
gas substance that has no definite shape or volume
group/family vertical columns on the periodic table
period horizontal rows on the periodic table
element material consisting of only 1 type of atom
the cell nucleus stores dna
alleles different forms of a gene
physical property property that describes physical characteristics of something
chemical property something that characterizes substances ability to react with other substances
chemical change reaction where something new is formed
physical change change in state or appearance; nothing new is formed
what is the diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane? osmosis
the cell membrane functions to regulate the ________ of materials into and out of the cell passage
______________ requires energy to move molecules across the membrane active transport
the relatively constant internal physical conditions of an organism is known as what? homeostasis
what is the first phase of mitosis? prophase
gametes are produced by what process? meiosis
during the cell cycle, the chromosomes are only visible during interphase
sexual reproduction provides genetic __________ which is an advantage over asexual reproduction. diversity
one difference between cell division in plant and animal cells is that plant cells have a ____________ cell plate
mitosis results in the formation of __________ diploid cells
meiosis results in the formation of __________ haploid cells
at the end of meiosis, the result is ____ genetically ________ cells 4; daughter
mitosis happens during the _______ phase of the cell cycle m
dna is replicated during the ________ phase of the cell cycle s
what converts energy in a plant cell? mitochondria