Moon phases, eclipses, tides, sun facts

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How long is a full tidal cycle? (two high and two low tides) Why is it such an odd number? 24 hours and 50 minutes because it takes Earth 24 hours to rotate, then 50 extra minutes to catch up to the moon.
Is there any correlation between tides and time of day? Why/why not? Yes, the low tides occur when the moon rises and sets while the high tides occur when the moon is the highest and technically the lowest.
How many high tides occur each day? Low tides? 2 each
How long after do the tides occur each day (high to low and high to high)? Just about 6 hours and about 12 hours.
What percent does the moon's gravity have affect on tides? 90 percent
What percent does the sun's gravity have affect on tides? 10 percent
centripetal force a force that pulls Earth and the moon toward their center point of gravity
centrifugal force an apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center, arising from the body's inertia.
Is Earth's circumference greater at the equator or poles? equator
How many days does it take for the moon to rotate? 27.3 days
How many days does it take for the moon to complete a revolution? 27.3 days
Which side does the light appear on when the moon is waxing? the right side
Which eclipse is the moon between the sun and Earth? solar
umbra the darkest part of the moon's shadow during a solar eclipse
How do equinoxes and solstices differ? Equinoxes occur when neither hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, creating equal day and night. Solstices occur when one hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, which ever tropic receives the brunt of the sun's rays experiences their summer solstice.
What causes umbras and penumbras? The moon's shadow on Earth, along with the fact that the sun's rays move in straight lines.
When do new moons rise? sunrise
When do new moons set? sunset
When do first quarter moons rise? noon
When do first quarter moons set? midnight
When do full moons rise? sunset
When do full moons set? sunrise
When do last quarter moons rise? midnight
When do last quarter moons set? noon
How many moon phases occur in a week? two
Why do we see the same side/face of the moon? Its rotation time and revolution time are the same for every revolution, one rotation occurs.
How big is the umbra usually in a solar eclipse? about 120 miles across
How big is the penumbra usually in a solar eclipse? hundreds of miles across
How are the sun, moon, and Earth lined up in a lunar eclipse? sun, Earth, and the moon
How much of the mass in the solar system does the sun account for? 99 percent
How old is the sun? about 4.6 billion years old
How much greater is the sun's mass than the earth's? 333,000 times greater
What is the sun's surface temperature? roughly 11,000 degrees farenheit
How many Earths could fit in the sun? a million
How long do the sun's rays take to reach Earth? 8 minutes
What is the speed of light? 186 thousand miles per seconds
What is the most widely accepted distance between Earth and the sun? 93 million miles
How long before the sun swallows the Earth? 130 million years
How long will it be before the sun dies out? 5 billion years
rotation when an object spins about it's axis
How long does it take for Earth to rotate? 23.6 hours
revolution when an object moves around another object