Term Definition
Acetylcholine works at synapses that communicate directly with muscle movement. also involved with learning, memory, and attention
Nicotine an agonist to acetylcholine
Botulinum toxin and Curare antagonists of acetylcholine
Monoamines linked to arousal, emotions, and behavior
Epinephrine causes bursts of energy in response to stimuli
Norepinephrine involved in arousal, alertness, and vigilance
stimulants agonist to both epinephrine and norepinephrine
Dopamine Involved in reward and motivation, motor control and planning. anything pleasurable will activate this.
Serotonin involved in emotion, impulse control, and dreaming
GABA primary inhibitory transmitter, released by alcohol and telling you not to do something.
Glutamate Primary excitatory transmitter. aids learning and memory
Endorphins Involved in natural pain reduction, reward, and attachment
Substance P Enhances pain perception, also related to mood states