Review for quiz on digestion

Question Answer
digestion breaking food down both chemically and manually
liver produces bile which is then stored in the gallbladder
pharynx passage way for food an air
Small intestine where most food absorption occurs
ATP form of energy used by all cells
stomach Where protein digestion begins
appendix blind sack hanging from the cecum
Salivary amalayse substance in the mouth used to begin carbohydrate (starch) digestion
pepsin enzyme in the stomach that breaks down protein
rennin milk digesting protein found in children
heartburn a condition resulting from reflux of acidic gastric juice into the esophagus
ulcer erosion of the duodenal mucosa
jaundice liver problems or blockage of billary ducts.
gall stones severe epigastric pain from prolong storage of bile in the gall bladder
glucose blood sugar
lipids build myelin sheaths and cell membranes
mesentary structure that suspends the small intestines from the abdominal wall
vitamins nutrients found largely in vegetables and fruits and used as coenymes