Science Vocab

Term Definition
Matter anything that has volume (takes up space) and has mass.
Pollutant A substance that can make air, soil, or water harmful to organisms and structures
Volume A measure of how much space something takes up.
Mass The amount of "stuff" something contains
Atom the basic building block of matter
Molecule a combination of two or more atoms
Compound a pure substance made up of two of more different elements
Pure substance a type of matter composed of a single type of particle
Physical change a change in the form or appearance of matter, but not in its composition
Chemical change a change in the composition, or chemical makeup, of a sample of matter. A chemical reaction is also known as a chemical change.
Photosynthesis the process through which green plants use the energy of sunlight to make food and oxygen
Quantitative Data data represented by numbers
Qualitative Data Data not represented by numbers