solar system unit

Term Definition
star a large, hot ball with glowing gases
tilt to lean
orbit to go around
moon shines at night and helps us live at night
telescope To look far out of space to see planets
universe All of the planets and all of the galaxys
planet rock,gas.
revlove to tilt on axis
rotate To go around
solar energy It is energy from the sun and sometimes they us panels to suck the suns energy to us. It for houses electric or a battery.
constellation When all the stars make a face or picture or something else
atmospere It helps all the things like Earth to help everything live to keep the oxygen from Earth not to blow away and keep stuff out but sometimes stuff comes in
comet Its an astroid coming really fast down to a planet or Earth.
lunar eclipse
solar eclipse When the moon gets in front of the the sun but you cant look at it because it will hurt your eyes
galaxy Made of all planets
astroid A big chunk of rock and matireal
satellite To look at other planets