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Question Answer
Igneous rocks Form when magma or lava cools near volcanoes, and when plates move apart.
Metamorphic rocks Form when heat and pressure changes rocks; metamorphic rocks are like marble, used for statues.
Sedimentary rocks Are made from particles called sediments, limestone is an example of sedimentary rocks made of coral reef.
Grains Particles that give a rock its texture.
Texture Is how a surface feels and looks.
Basalt Extrusive rock.
Pumice Used for polishing.
Granite Light colored rock made of silica.
Cementation A process by which sediments are glued together.
Foliated rock Metamorphic rock with grains lined-up in layers.
Rocks Are a mixture of minerals and other materials.
Earth's crust most of its rocks are made by about 20 rock-forming minerals.
Organic rocks Sedimentary rock made from remains of living things.
Compaction The squeezing of layers of sediments.