The Nature of Science and Technology-SSMS

Term Definition
hypothesis an educated guess
scientific experiment organized experiment that provides feedback and data
scientific inquiry the ongoing process of discovery in science
scientific law a statement that describes what scientists expect to happen every time under a particular set of conditions
controlled experiment an experiment in which only one variable is manipulated at a time
operational definition a statement that describes how to measure a particular variable or how to define a particular term
data facts, figures, and evidence
flammable has the potential to catch on fire
explosive could blow up
toxic poisonous
corrosive can eat materials including flesh
hazardous harmful
independent (manipulated) variable the variable that is changed
dependent (responding) variable what happens due to the manipulated variable being changed
volume the amount of space an object takes up
mass the amount of matter in an object
density the amount of mass in a given space
evidence proof
inference make a conclusion based on something you already know
observation what you see
conclusion summing everything together
classify identify and place into a group
defer to put off
metric system a system of measurement based on the number 10
weight the force of gravity acting on an object
quantitative data a number amount
scientifically literate the knowledge and understanding of scientific terms and principals