the parts of the nervous system/ facts

Question Answer
What Controls Vital Involuntary Actions Such as The Beating of Your Heart? The Brainstem
What is The Peripheral Nervous System? The System made of Sensory and Motor Neurons that Allows You to Move
What is ANS? One of the divisions of the Peripheral Nervous System. It allows you to do things involuntarily.
What is SNS? The Somatic Nervous System. This allows you to do things Voluntarily. It helps us respond to Stimuli as Well.
What is Myelin? It speeds up signals telling you to move and allows for repair of damaged nerve tissue.
What are Motor Neurons? These are Myelinated Neurons that are Attached to Muscles that help you move.
What are Sensory Neurons? They attach to Senses. They are myelinated.
What are Interneurons? They attach to the Brain and Spinal Cord and have no Myelin.
What are the 3 Functions of the Nervous System? Stimuli, Analysis, and React
Your Brain Weighs what Percent of your Body Weight? 2%
What Percent of The Blood Pumping Around Your Body does The Brain Use? 20%
What Percentage of The Brain is Made up Of Water? 75%
When does the Brain Stop Growing? Around the Age of 18 years old.
What Responsibility does the Nervous System Share with the Endocrine System? Regulating & Maintaining Homeostasis
What are the Two Divisions of the Nervous System? The Central Nervous & Peripheral Nervous Systems
What is The Central Nervous System? The Brain and the Spinal Cord
What are The Three Parts of the Brain? The Cerebrum, the Brainstem, and the Cerebellum
What is the Cerebrum Responsible For? Voluntary Movement, Language, Reasoning, Perception, and Thought
What Are the Ridges in the Cerebrum Called? Gyrus
What are the Valleys in the Cerebrum Called? Sulcus
What is the Cerebellum Responsible for? Coordination, motor Activities, and Remembering of Physical Skills
The Size of This Brain Region within Any Mammal Species is a Good Indicator of its Physical Capabilities The Cerebellum