Unit C Chapter 4

Question Answer
Material found in nature and used by living things Resource
Resource that can be replaced in a human lifetime Renewable resource
Resource that will be used up someday Nonrenewable resource
Resource that can't be used up Reusable resource
Reuse a resource to make something new Recycle
What are you using when you breathe? You are using a reusable resource
What is plastic made of? Plastic is made up of a nonrenewable resource
How might people get resources that are under Earth's surface? People would get resources that are under Earth's surface by mining.
Name a resource that can be recycled. Aluminum can be recycled. (Soda cans)
How do you think strip mining affects resources, such as soil, on Earth's surface? People have to move a lot of soil to strip-mine. Some soil might erode. Strip mining may also pollute soil and water.
How can people use energy from the sun to help conserve nonrenewable resources? People can use energy from the sun instead of burning coal or oil to make energy.
Why is it important to protect reusable resources such as air and water? Even though reusable resources will always be on Earth, they can be polluted. People need clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.
The things that are above Earth's Surface are: air and sunlight
The things that are on Earth's Surface are: water, soil, and plants
The things that are below Earth's Surface are: oil, water, diamonds, coal, iron, and natural gas.
A renewable resource Wood
A nonrenewable resource Soil
Reusable resource Air
Nonrenewable resource Oil