Vocabulary for Atomic Theory

Term Definition
Conservation of Mass Matter is NEVER created or destroyed it reorganizes itself.
Compound Chemical combination of 2 or more atoms from different elements.
Covalent Compound between 2 Non-Metals
Ionic Compound between a metal & non-metal
Molecule A Compound or Element. 2 or more atoms.
Lewis Dot Structure Shows the way compounds form using valence electrons
Substance Can't be taken apart, can't be broken down to smaller parts
Heterogeneous Mixture A mixture where substance are not mixed properly
Homogeneous Mixture Two or more substance mixed properly by still not bonded together
Solution Another name for a Homogeneous Mixture
Solute A substance that dissolves or disappear
Solvent The substance the dissolves the solute
Precipitate When certain solutions are mixed, a chemical reaction happens and become a solid
Physical Change The way it looks changes, but not the substance itself (boiling, melting, dissolving, breaking/cut)
Vaporization When a liquid changes to a gas
Condensation A gas changes to a liquid
Sublimation A solid changes into a gas
Deposition A gas changes into a solid
Chemical Change The whole substance changes (bubbles, smell, taste, color, cloudy, temp. change)