Vocabulary Words

Term Definition
therapeutic Therapeutic treatment was his best option for his cancer diagnosis.
sonographer If you look in the sonography you will see the baby.
outlook By conducting occupational
EKG Electro Cardiogram
Electro Cardiograph
wellness program Health program for preventive treatments
Staying healthy
prioritize to put in order of importance
epidemiology a branch of medical science that deals with the incidence distribution and control of disease in a population
clerical relating to keeping records, filing., typing or other general office task.
respiratory pertaining to or breathing cycle
technician a specialist in the technical details of a subject or occupation
euthanize to painlessly end the life or permit death of the termly ill. Mainly an animal.
occupation a person's job to earn a living
requisition a formal written request for something written
sterilizing the act of destroying micro organisms in or on something
to tell information
dietitian is a health care professional who specializes in dietetics
OT occupational therapist
occupational therapy
leisure time free from demands of work
transcribe to make a written copy
aide helping people / clients