Writing Topics to Inspire Creative Writing

Writing prompts can be found online that are suitable for children or adults interested in creative or academic writing. Writing prompts can spark creative writing when writer’s block hits. It’s also a useful teaching tool for writing students. Writing prompts are generally short questions, sentences or phrases that can inspire the writing process. When writing a plot, writing prompts can be a way to take writing into new directions.

A quick statement or question is the traditional creative writing prompt. Answer the question or following the instruction in the statement gets the writing process started in new and often surprising directions. These can freshen creative writing by injecting it with new life.

Writing Topics to Inspire Creative Writing

Creative Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts is a simple site that delivers an enormous number of writing prompts. By simply placing the cursor over one of the more than 300 numbers, a small window displays a succinct writing prompt. The prompts are suitable for adults or high school students looking for new story ideas or who simply want to exercise their creativity.

Writing Prompts for Students

Canteach.ca has a long list of questions that serve as writing prompts for elementary school students. Students can go through each individual question until they find one that best inspires them, or they can simply choose one at random and start the writing process using that prompt.

The writing prompt generator is a way to get a randomly selected short prompt any time. The prompts are aimed at students for both essay writing and creative writing. However, there are fewer of these prompts than with the Creative Writing Prompts website, and there may not be enough for every student in a classroom to have a unique prompt.

Writing Prompts for Adults

Creativity-portal.com has a writing prompt generator as well as a number of themed prompt pages. These include blogging prompts, seasonal prompts and photo prompts. Another type of writing prompt is the one-word prompt. Creativity Portal has a number of word prompts that are meant to inspire creative writing for adults looking to spark their creative writing.

Photo Prompts

A photo prompt is a single picture that works the same way as a written prompt. By looking at the photo, a writer can begin writing a plot that is inspired by it. These can be particularly helpful for younger students or for those who have a hard time visualizing a verbal writing prompt.

A writing prompt, whether visual or written, can be helpful in stretching the creative muscle once in a while – like “do my paper” services for a common student. They are great for students who are learning about the writing process and how to write a plot.